Full guide about the Ketone Breath Meter

In certain occasions, we are all used to that for various reasons, our blood glucose goes up uncontrollably. Sometimes these small hyperglycemias do not present a risk by themselves, but at other times they are caused by a lack of insulin, the hormone responsible for metabolizing glucose and taking it from the blood to the cells. With diabetes it is relatively frequent that there is not enough insulin for the body to collect that glucose from the blood.

Like many things in nutrition, reaching and maintaining a level of ketosis is individual and changes from person to person. There are three types of ketones: acetone, betahydroxybutyric acid and acetoacetic acid. And they can be measured from ketone test in your breath, blood or urine. The acetone is in your breath, and studies have confirmed that the test acetone levels in the breath is a reliable way to monitor ketosis. There are Ketone Breath Meter that indicate the levels of acetone in the breath.

After blowing on the Keto Breathalyzer, a light indicates whether you are in ketosis or not depending on how high your ketone levels are. Ketones can also be measured through a Ketone Breath Test. It works in a similar way to a ketone meter, a drop of blood is placed on a test strip that is placed on the meter. Measure the amount of betahydroxybutyric acid in your blood , and it is also considered a good ketone monitor of ketosis levels.

The best ketone meter can measure ketone levels in your system using breath analysis. Blow into the device and within 10 seconds your ketone test kit results are ready. It’s that easy! It has another advantage: it is more economical. The system involves a single expenditure on the equipment that analyzes the breath, without the need to buy test strips, as in the case of monitors that measure blood, which may be cheap but then require more strips. For more information, visit this page.

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